Lederer, a company with tradition

The flexible way into the future

For over 60 years, our customers have enjoyed our expertise, quality, and enthusiasm for innovation in yarn production.


Our path to success:

  • 1948: Foundation of the company Lederer Elastic Yarns by Jörg Lederer in Amstetten in the Alb-Danube region. Initially, production focused on covered elastic thread for sock tops and elastic narrows
  • 1960: Development of covered Lycra yarns for support stockings
  • 1975: Establishment of the core-spun yarn department
  • 1980: Manfred Lederer took over running the company. With the development of satin sheers in the mid-1980s, yarn production went through a boom. Flexible action was required - and at Lederer we concentrated on yarn design for tights
  • 1981: Establishment of Hamel Elasto Twist for the weaving industry
  • 1987: Extension to plant 3 in Amstetten
  • 1991: Founding of the subsidiary plant in Salach
  • 1995: Takeover of Coyarn AG
  • 2009: Coyarn AG: construction of new administration, warehouse and shipping buildings
  • 2014: about 140 employees are based at 2 locations: in Amstetten and also at the subsidiary of Coyarn AG in Haag, in Switzerland
  • 2015: In July 2015, Manfred Lederer handed the business management of the company over to Klaus Sutter and Peter Wiesenberger. Manfred Lederer will stay closely connected to the family business in the advisory board
  • 2017: The management is complemented by Mrs. Stephanie Lederer.

The secret to our success?

Entrepreneurial spirit, motivation, competent & caring staff, and a firm belief in the future. For only those who invest long term in quality and who are orientated to the needs of the customer can be successful on the world market.