Technological variety.
High quality.

Lederer – Expertise overview

Technological variety – with quality
For your benefit and for the benefit of your customers. Choose the reliable yarn manufacturer: put your trust in controlled quality „made in Germany“. Your customers will thank you for it.

Persuasive advantages:
• Flexible application of the latest technology in yarn development and manufacture
• Individual yarn designs, tailor-made to meet your requirements
• Exclusive use of high-quality materials
• Diligent internal quality control

Lederer Main Factory
Lederer Main Factory

Responsible quality assurance – the subtle difference
The use of the latest technology, regular servicing of our machines, and working with high-quality materials form the basis of our thread production. And to ensure that you only get the best yarns, we also operate a demanding quality assurance process in our in-house laboratory.

Our quality assurance system at a glance:
• The latest technology
• Regular checking of all parameters related to textile technology for our yarns
• Exclusive use of high-quality materials
• Suppliers with many years of reliable service
• As far as quality is concerned, you can rely on us. Take advantage of yarns „made in Germany“ – take advantage of the fine distinction.

Latest technology
Inner values: Take a look inside our yarns: our products are just as varied as the sophisticated technology that lies behind them. For our yarns are not only appealing to the eye. They will also win you over because of the quality of our production technology.

Overview of the technological variety:

Single/double-covered yarns
– Optimal covering of the elastane core thread, even when using the finest covering yarns (e.g. dtex 5f3)
• Tried and tested manufacturing process with almost unlimited possible combinations based on elastane or natural rubber

Air-interlaced threads
• Special manufacturing process: air-jet technology
• Processing of all types of textured filament yarns (e.g. polyamide, polyester, coloured too) into high-quality and cost-effective elastic yarns

Elasto Twist
• Use of the latest hollow spindle twisting machine from Hamel
• Production of yarns for the weaving industry in thicknesses from Nm 20/2 to Nm 160/2
• Processing of multiple thread yarns (cotton, viscose, lyocell, wool, etc.) into elastic hollow spindle twists