With us, you have the choice!

Experience an impressive variety of yarns of the highest quality: Whether covered, Hamel-Elasto-Twist or airjet yarns - we develop and produce a wide variety of yarn types for every conceivable application.

Individual yarns
Let our yarns inspire you. On request, we develop special yarns, just for you. Tailor-made according to your personal requirements.

Leather quality yarns delight in:

• Tights
• Outerwear
• Round knitwear
• Seamless
• Underwear
• Socks
• Medical products such as bandages or stockings
• Flat knitwear
• Tapes
• Woven goods
• Technical applications

The right type
for the right

Compelling quality
Especially fine or with defined stretching; Transparent or coloured? You have the choice. Depending on the area in which you would like to use our yarns - whether for fashionable clothing, in the medical or technical sector - we have the appropriate yarn ready.

Our yarns
• Simple and double wrapped yarns: For the wide variety of applications, e.g. in the fine stocking industry

• Air-Jet yarns: High-quality and economical Elastan yarns, e.g. for weaving, round embroidery, socks or Seamless

• Hamel Elasto Twist yarns: Elastic weaving yarns, e.g. for use in necklace and shot

Development, support,
innovative ways

reliable support
Do you need an innovative solution when it comes to yarn? Take the opportunity to exchange ideas with a competent knowledge carrier. Decades of experience make us experts in yarn development.

With us you have the advantage
• You benefit from expert advice and reliable support.

• You will receive tailor-made solutions tailored to your specific needs.

• In our in-house laboratory, we carry out technological analyses of yarns and fabric patterns for you.


New ideas? Good ideas?

Ask us. If possible, we will translate your requirements into high-quality yarns. In all areas.


Covered Yarns

During the covering process, the stretched elastane is guided through a hollow spindle and covered with the raw material (PA, PES, CO, etc.) on a disc spool and wound onto a yarn carrier. The setting of technical parameters such as draw, twist per metre and the selected raw material determines the property of the covered yarn.

The Single Cover is a covered yarn which is covered with only one raw material either in S or Z direction.

With the Double Cover,the raw material is wound around the elastane in the S and Z direction.

Applications: e.g. seamless, fine stocking, flat knit, weaving, compressible articles (medical articles), technical textiles


Air jet yarns

In this process, textured fi lament yarns are blown with an elastane in a singlestage process using compressed air. Due to the processing of raw materials without priority production stages and the production of direct bobbins, combined with the high production speed, the air turbulence process is one of the most economically effective methods.

Applications: e.g. sock plating yarn, Seamless, circular knitting


Hamel – Elasto Twist

Here you can produce single covered and inelastic twisted yarns with coarser titers. By means of hollow spindle machines, inelastic natural or synthetic fi bres are wound around an elastic core within a closed system.

Applications: Weaving, technical textiles